Understanding ADF Ritual Structure

Photo of core-order-of-ritual prayer beads by Emerald Song Creations on Etsy.

Beautiful core-order-of-ritual prayer beads.

One of the things which differentiates ADF (Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship) from some other Neopagan groups is a clearly-defined “core order of ritual,” which must be followed for all public high-day services. This is in keeping with ADF’s sense of itself as “orthopraxic” (emphasizing proper practice) as contrasted with “orthodoxic” groups who emphasis a particular “proper” belief. At some level “going through the motions” of the core order is, by definition, “proper practice.”

A superb and generic example of a “pre-ritual briefing” to explain the core order of ritual may be found online at https://www.adf.org/rituals/explanations/prerite-outline.html and is absolutely worth reading. With three such ADF-style rituals to begin 2014, we hope that it will help make everyone both aware and comfortable with each of these services.

The core order of ritual is defined by the ADF clergy council, and was last modified in 2006.

Understanding ADF Ritual Structure

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